Change is good

Now that the Presidential election is over, it's a pleasure to be able to get away from electoral politics and get back to some other subjects. Today's post is about technology and computers, so if you're techno-phobic you have been forewarned.

When it comes to operating systems, people have strong opinions, and the Mac-vs.-PC rivalry has been described, not entirely inaccurately, as a "religious war." What's often forgotten is that "under the hood," computers of all kinds are more alike than they are different, and an ecumenical approach has much to recommend it.

In that vein, I am now awaiting the delivery of a new laptop (an early birthday present from my wife), and with any luck I'll have it in hand before Thanksgiving. Those who know me know that I have very happily been running Apple hardware for the last seven years, and do not hesitate to recommend Macs to my family and friends should they ask. It will probably surprise some of you, therefore, to find out that my new laptop isn't a Mac.