Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends! 🇨🇦

Bonne fête du Canada à tou(te)s mes ami(e)s canadien(ne)s! 🇨🇦


My guess is that it's probably best not to write about it until you are certain that it's all over.


I won't presume to give advice since I'm not in your shoes, but I will say that I tend to agree with Vanessa and Dameon; my first instinct absent other considerations would be to leave Japan as soon as I could. But I know that life is rarely as simple as we might wish it to be, and individual considerations are usually more complex than they appear to others. But know that I am wishing you nothing but good luck with the entire process.



I suggest "tempermanent."



I told him to email you.


I suspect you're right about that.



Sean Heber, the guy behind Twitterrific, is one of my mutuals on Mastodon. He just went through a very similar experience with delays on his new MBP also. Supply chain issues are going to be the default explanation for a long time to come, I think.


And it looks like that username doesn't exist here. Let me follow up with him.


When you have a chance, I heard from @schmidt_fu on Mastodon and he's having trouble logging into 10C. Told him I'd ping you for assistance.

If you need some pricing adjustments to make it work out, just say the word. I'd be cool with it if you needed a top-up.