Yes, there's a word for a country without a government. It's called "Somalia." And lobbying should at the very least be significantly more regulated, but it would have to be regulated by the current lot, so we all know how that would go.

And yet we keep electing them. sigh

Nothing from him since Wednesday… This is really odd.


Thank you!

You can delete everything in there. If the contact page can be turned off, that's fine too.

On a separate topic, is there any way to bulk delete all the spam that's been sent via my contact page?

If you stop and think about it, for most of human history, people interacted with each other one on one. If you want to get religious about it, in the beginning was the Word. Jesus gathered his disciples one by one. God spoke to Moses one on one. The angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and commanded him to "Recite!" one on one. Good things happen when people talk to each other one on one. Bad things happen when people act as a mob. Let's do more of the good things.

Thank you!


Got it. Can't believe I missed that. It's been one of those days…


Haven't been around in a very long time. Hope you're all well.

- So, a question: how the heck do I log into my blog? Is there an admin interface anywhere? None of my links/passwords seem to work except for, and I don't see any obvious way to write a blog post here.