At this point I'd be interested in just shutting down the contact page since it's just a spam collector, but there's no setting for that.

My site is getting spammed all to hell, too.

And now, from the home office in Rockford, Illinois, here are the Top Ten ways to survive Covid-19:

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Use hand sanitizer
  3. Avoid large crowds
  4. Stay home
  5. Unplug your Internet connection
  6. Put on a comfy sweater
  7. Drink a nice cup of tea
  8. Read a good book
  9. Adopt a stray cat
  10. Meditate

Happy New Year, 10C. May the new year be a damn sight better than the old one.

There's a screenshot from on, but you'll need to be following her there as it's also restricted. I don't have permission to repost, or else I would.

It saddens me to relay the news that our old friend @kdfrawg has passed away following a lengthy illness. He and his longtime partner, Laura, married just a few days ago, knowing that time was short. She left a beautiful message on Plurk:

Thanks to everyone who expressed their sympathy at my brother's passing. It's been a challenging week. I've handled everything I can until the death certificate is issued (the wheels of bureaucracy turn at a glacial pace), so I'm going back to work on Monday. And I'm looking forward to doing something normal again.

Thanks, but this is actually part of taking care of myself—I'm the oldest functioning adult at the moment, and I'm the one being the rock for my nephews. Social media is the rock's support group (along with the rock's wife, of course).

With everything else in the last 36 hours, I forgot to post this here yesterday. It's been hell.


Sad news: for those of you who might remember him, former ADN member Clark Goble has died of a stroke.

Clark left behind a wife and five children. There's a GoFundMe to assist them if anyone's so inclined.