Unboxing the Pangolin Performance

Note: This was originally published on Posterous.

So, I hear you ask, what happened? Did the laptop arrive? Did it get unboxed? Did everything just work? Read on, bucko…

Yes, the laptop arrived, although I think it was the last thing off the UPS truck before the driver stopped at the supermarket to pick up milk and bread for the wife on his way home. (Note to self: next time, ask for Next Day Air instead of Next Day Air Saver.)

In any case, it arrived. Here's what it looked like before the unboxing:


Pretty generic. But then, even Apple ships its stuff in plain brown cardboard.

More unboxing photos:


The inner container is equally exciting, and here's where you can see the difference between the System76 and a Mac laptop:


Next, inside the package. The laptop was well-secured with polystyrene, and the two cardboard inserts held the polystyrene in place in the larger box. The one above held the manual, ethernet cable, spare battery, and some papers; the one to the right held the power cords:



The manual is pretty generic, and was obviously written for the Clevo/Sager notebook that the Pangolin is based on, full of references to Windows functions.

Detail of one of the inserts:


The lid is gorgeous--glossy black, with a silver System76 logo:


Side views:



Fired up, and applying the latest updates. Note the white "Powered by Ubuntu" sticker in place of the usual Windows sticker:


Updated and ready to go:


Next post: what happened next. Oh, boy…