In a world where the Berlin Wall never fell

I love counterfactuals, and here's an example of why. What if East Germany still existed? What would 21st century GDR television look like? Here's one man's take on how the German Democratic Republic (in German, Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR ) would start its broadcast day, and it's astonishingly well done. Be sure to watch for the historical montage at the end, with Walter Ulbricht, the raising of the GDR flag, and the World Clock and TV tower from the Alexanderplatz. Frighteningly good stuff.

(And, before anyone gets upset, I'm not trying to glorify East Germany. Yes, I know the GDR was a brutal Communist dictatorship. I know that well--not only am I a trained historian, I saw the GDR with my own two eyes in the 1980s. None of which takes away from the fact that the person who did this video did one hell of a job.)