More on what killed Pontiac

In the aftermath of yesterday's announcement of the death of Pontiac, Autoblog put together a gallery of the 10 Worst Pontiacs Of All Time, and Jalopnik did a piece on Seven Cars That Killed Pontiac. Be sure to read the comments, which are brutally hysterical, unless you have an aversion to the word “shit.” As for me, courtesy of Wikipedia, here's one of the things that killed Pontiac with which I had personal experience. I did my driver's training in one of these execrable badge-engineered monuments to mediocrity, painted Frigidaire white and complete with limp steering, chrome-plated plastic interior trim, bench seats, a beige interior, and a wheezing V-6. Behold, the 1978-1981 Pontiac LeMans:

“We Build Excitement”? Not so much. And they wonder why my generation drives Toyotas.