From the "Do as I say, not as I do" department

(Via the _Inland Valley Daily Bulletin_)

One person with faith in GM is Gary Dufour, a Rancho Cucamonga attorney who lives in Riverside. Dufour was with his family at Mark Christopher Auto Center in Ontario on Monday looking at possibly buying a new Yukon XL from the GMC truck lot.

“I think it's time for American companies to buckle down and get more competitive with foreign automakers,” Dufour said. “I think they just have to keep up with demand. I think the economy and the price of fuel caught some of these companies by surprise.”

Now that's how you send a message. Because buying a Yukon XL will really let GM know it's time to get serious and start building small, fuel-efficient cars. You know, by buckling down and getting more competitive with foreign automakers. Or whatever.