Bohemian rhapsody

I'm beginning to think there's a wormhole somewhere around Ventura that leads directly to central Europe in the 1930s. First, about a week ago, I saw a Zeppelin (not a blimp--an actual, honest-to-God modern Zeppelin) as it traveled down the California coast from the Bay Area to Los Angeles for the July 4th weekend.

Then, today, I saw a rare prewar Tatra T87 as it merged onto US 101 in Ventura. For the automotive non-geeks, the T87 was an aerodynamic sedan built in Czechoslovakia before the war that featured a rear-mounted, air-cooled V-8 engine and a prominent dorsal fin along the rear (you can see another photo here). To my eye, it's a beautiful example of Streamline Moderne automotive architecture, but you may have a different opinion--I like Citro├źns and Saabs too, so my taste is somewhat, um, eclectic.

Anyway, I'm almost afraid what's going to appear around here next. If I see a formation of Messerschmitts, I'm outta here. :-)