A cybervisit from Down Under

For an amateur blogger, Google Analytics is a fascinating resource. Unlike pro bloggers, I'm not trying to maximize ad revenue (or even generate revenue) but it's kind of fun to see who's visiting my site and what they look at. Understandably, most of the visits are from people I know either in real life or online, but I also get visits from around the world, mostly one-off visits from people who find me via Google or through a referral from a blog where I left a comment. Occasionally, though, something kind of jumps out at me.

When I checked tonight, I found someone from the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Sydney had visited my blog three times yesterday (presumably because I said nice things about the ABC and its programming). I can only assume that someone on the ABC staff is looking for mentions of their programming online, as they'd have to look fairly hard to stumble over my little corner of the internet. Whatever the details, whoever you are, Aussie friend, thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll leave a comment next time.