When hell freezes over, revisited

Forgive me, but this is just too good not to post.

I got a message last night through my contact page. Here it is (minus any identifying information):

Hello Larry:

My name is (redacted) and I'm the owner of (redacted) and we are trying to expand i-Names the way they were originally envisioned. By providing you a way to make telephone calls, send postal mail and even e-mail using just an i-Name. 

In monitoring the XRI community throughout the web, I came across a post which you stated you would not be renewing your i-Name. Which was a response to a previous post of yours in which you declared i-Names dead! 

I would encourage you not to give up on i-Names just yet. As a member of XRI-TC along with Drummond Reed, I can state that we are working hard on the next version of the XRI and XRD standards. To that end I would be happy to pay your renewal fee and invite you to use (redacted)'s maximum plan free of charge for one year for =larryanderson.

Just send me an email and I will set your account up. We are very responsive and are looking to improve our offerings to provide the best possible service.

Best Regards,


Well, that's very interesting, and God bless them for trying, but I won't be taking this person up on the offer. I simply have no faith that the technology they're trying to resuscitate will ever amount to anything, and quite apart from the money it's an unwelcome distraction in my life. Been there, done that, ain't going back. You can thank Victor Grey and Fen Labalme for that.

The delicious part is this: normally, a functioning I-name will redirect to a contact page when you go to http://xri.net/=username. In this case, the I-name with which the message was signed redirects to a parked-domain page. 

And I'm supposed to be filled with confidence that this group is going to bring I-names back from the dead?

Thanks, but no.