Feelin' Cranky

Random thoughts on a sleep-deprived Monday morning…

  1. Yes, Twitter has a 140-character limit. You knew that when you signed up. Stop whining about it. If you can't handle it, go use Buzz or Friendfeed, or sign up with Status.net and run your own microblogging site that interacts with Identi.ca and others, and set your own limit.
  2. Foursquare, Gowalla, and other automated location-spam services are a plague upon humanity and the internet. Don't expect me to follow you if you use them, and do expect me to unfollow you if you continue. I don't care where you're having lunch. And if you care where I'm having lunch, you must have a very boring and incomplete life.
  3. Dear apartment manager: Thank you so much for not answering calls placed to the after-hours line last night. Apparently the rental agreement we all signed doesn't mean anything. Good thing the place wasn't burning down. Also, I wonder what your boss at the property-management company (whose number I have, by the way) would think about that.
  4. Dear noisy neighbor: Are you a complete idiot, or is it just that your social development was arrested at about age 13? What the @#$% is wrong with you (other than being a loud, inconsiderate, obtuse, possibly alcoholic schmuck)? Maybe if you grew up, you could get a date. Unless, of course, the guy visiting you last night was your date, which if true is way more information than I require.