Simplicate, and Add Lightness

Constant readers of this blog (advt) know that I'm an inveterate tinkerer, and on occasion this has brought me some good-natured ribbing. The last several months has seen frequent changes in the structure, format, and host of this blog, and you might think I would leave well enough alone for a while. You would be wrong.

My last move, to Blogger, was largely because it offered more eye candy. I was tired of the limited theming available to Posterous users who don't want to become CSS experts, and Blogger offered me some attractive alternatives. I still like the look, but I must admit I'm missing Posterous' unrivaled ease of use and autoposting ability. Being able to post a photo with a caption, have the photo sent to Picasa and Flickr, and post a tweet with a link all in one shot is a thing of beauty. I'm also wondering if the background, widgets, and other bells and whistles are just adding bling and detracting from what should be the focus--my entries.

In pursuit of an answer to that question, I'm trying something different. I've used Posterous' import tool to re-import my entire blog into Posterous, and picked a relatively simple theme with dark text on a light background to enhance readability. Thanks to Posterous' aforementioned autoposting ability, I'm going to run both blogs in tandem for a while. It doesn't cost me anything to do so, and gives me a chance for an extended comparison.