Top Gear canceled...or is it?

I'm seeing a few people online jumping to unwarranted conclusions on the news that the remainder of the Top Gear series has been canceled by the BBC. A couple of things to keep in mind:

First, "series" is used in the UK to describe what we in the USA call a "season." They've canceled the last three episodes of this season. Whether or not Top Gear as a whole goes forward depends on whether Jeremy Clarkson signs another contract with the BBC. ITV has already made it known they'd pay him a king's ransom to switch networks, so that's far from a foregone conclusion. If they want to put up with him and pay the associated legal bills when he does something stupid, that's their business.

Second, if the series as a whole does go away, grow up and stop blaming the BBC for what happened. Blame Clarkson, who apparently can't control himself well enough to stop from assaulting people when his dinner isn't ready. I'm just a few years shy of Clarkson's age, and I can manage that just fine. I expect him to do so as well. It's called being a grown-up.

Of course, nobody's ever accused Clarkson of maturity before, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't fit the description.