It's not people

Pitcher of Soylent

After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I've ordered a one-time, one-week supply of Soylent, the scientifically-designed food replacement that has been all the rage among a certain subset of geeks. Yes, the name is unfortunate to some (although I like the inherent humor of it), but the science behind it seems to be sound, and I even know of a former chef who is using it as 70-80% of his daily food intake. Being of the generation that grew up with Tang and Space Food Sticks, I'm pro-technology and intrigued by the idea of a nutritionally complete meal replacement.

Yes, nutritionally complete. Even if it wasn't 100% complete, it would be an improvement over the usual crap I eat every day. I'm quite aware that my eating habits aren't ideal, and my doctor would be thrilled if I lost a bunch of weight. With my hours, it's difficult for me to find the time to prepare a healthy breakfast and a lunch to take to work, and meal preparation is a chore in general. Soylent looks like an attractive alternative. Might even help me drop a few pounds.

In any case, I'm only committed to one week. We'll see how it goes. They say it could take four weeks for delivery to new customers, but posts on the Soylent forums seem to indicate that people are receiving their orders within days.

I'll keep you posted.