Random observations on returning to iPhone

Random observations on returning to an iPhone after a few years with Windows Phone:

  • You don't realize how many apps you use until you set up a phone as a new device. So. Much. Downloading.
  • Cortana sounds more natural than Siri.
  • The iPhone 6/6S is a reasonable size that I can live with. I'd still rather have a Plus, but supply issues are what they are and I needed a phone.
  • Touch ID is pretty damn great.
  • Folders in iOS are a lot less elegant than in Windows Phone.
  • Launch Center Pro is a lot less intuitive than it should be, but I'm learning.
  • Thank the gods that I can finally use Swype on an iPhone, because the stock keyboard still sucks out loud.
  • Rearranging icons is a major pain in the ass. They need to fire the obsessive-compulsive icehole who's responsible for keeping it the same (i.e., not fixing it).
  • Battery life is probably better than my iPhone 4, but nowhere near as good as my Lumia 1520. Hard to beat a 3400 mAh battery. Good thing I have an iPad charger at my desk at work.
  • The App Store seems to be more of a mess than I remember it being.
  • The Lightning connector may be an expensive proprietary piece of kit, but at least you can't try to jam it in the wrong way, like one always does with micro USB connectors.
  • For the App.net crowd: It's surprising to me which apps are still available, and which are broken by iOS 9 or otherwise no longer available. RIP Rivr and Felix.
  • I'm tempted to keep using the official Twitter app. At least it doesn't get rate-limited.

More observations to come. And if you're an iPhone user who wants to recommend an app, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or App.net.