The Presidential election: Facts, opinions, and two unhappy thoughts

This is a good time to remember a few basic facts about the November election:

  1. It hasn't happened yet. Anything could happen.
  2. The Republican nominee will be Donald Trump.
  3. If the GOP leadership thinks it can stop #2 from becoming reality, they're delusional.
  4. Any attempt to stop #2 from happening will likely split the party.
  5. Anyone who doesn't think the GOP can split is delusional. See #1.
  6. TheDemocratic nominee will be Hillary Clinton.
  7. If Bernie Sanders thinks he can stop #6 from happening, he's delusional.
  8. If Hillary Clinton thinks she's going to have her own way at the convention, she's delusional.
  9. The Sanders campaign has amassed a lot of delegates and will be in a position to influence the convention.
  10. If the Democratic leadership thinks it can stop #9 from happening, it's delusional.
  11. Donald Trump can win in November.
  12. Anyone who denies #11 is delusional. See #1.
  13. HillaryClinton can win in November.
  14. Anyone who denies #13 is delusional. See #1.
  15. NeitherTrump nor Clinton is going to glide into the Oval Office easily. See #1.
  16. Nomatter who is elected, there is going to be a large and angry segment of the population that refuses to accept it. Our nation's politics will not become sweetness and light just because the GOP loses control of the Senate. Or gains the White House.
  17. There will likely be violence. It's happened already and is unlikely to stop.

And finally, two unhappy thoughts:

  1. Constitutions only matter as long as attention is paid to them. The Soviet Union had a constitution. East Germany had a constitution.Nazi Germany had a constitution. North Korea has a constitution.
  2. If you elect a demagogue who is backed by arms, the Constitution will not protect you.