Final thoughts on Election Day

The day is upon us. All of the madness and insanity that we've been witness to has led to this day.

Go vote.

More to the point, vote for Hillary Clinton. I'm not her biggest fan, but I recognize that when the dust settles tonight, either she or Donald Trump will be the next President. Voting for anyone but Hillary helps only Trump, and we can't afford that.

"But I'm in a safe blue state," you say. "I supported Bernie and I really don't want to see her in office."

Or, "I hate both of them, so I'm voting for Johnson (or Stein) instead."

Too bad. Suck it up. Do your part to keep the Republic free, and we can argue over the details throughout the Clinton Administration. Because no matter what right-wing talk radio and Paul Ryan may have told you, she's not the devil. Come back to reality while there's still a reality to come back to.

And remember that no matter what happens, the campaign for the mid-term elections begins tomorrow.