A word about this blog

I've noticed from Google Analytics that I'm getting some visitors who are referred to this blog by a couple of Orthodox blogs at which I've left comments. I suspect that my total lack of blogging about Orthodoxy may come as a surprise to these folks, and so it seems appropriate to make a brief comment. I'm Orthodox, but I don't blog about Orthodoxy because I don't feel qualified to do so--and there are more than enough converts doing "Ortho-blogging" already. I know enough about the Orthodox Church to know that I'm really not very good at being Orthodox, and anything I say would be suspect. So I keep my mouth shut on that topic and let others, all of whom are more capable and qualified than I, take care of that part of the blogosphere.

If you really want some good Orthodox blog reading, go read Father Stephen Freeman (Glory to God for All Things), Father Joseph Huneycutt (Orthodixie), or Steven Robinson (the Our Life In Christ podcast and Pithless Thoughts ). They'd protest that they're no authorities either, but I respectfully disagree. They'll serve you well (and sometimes give you a good laugh along the way).

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…