Random observations before tonight's debate

A few random thoughts:

  • Hillary Clinton is bringing Mark Cuban, and Donald Trump is bringing the President's brother, Malik (formerly Roy) Obama. Maybe next time some thought should be given to making the debates less of a reality show. I suggest having them stand behind podiums in an empty studio, no audience, moderated by a journalist who understands the importance of fact-checking.

  • With respect to the above, Malik Obama is a useful idiot for Donald Trump.

  • With respect to Malik being a useful idiot, the President didn't get to choose his relatives.

  • I'm really looking forward to this entire nauseating election season being over.

  • With respect to the nauseating election season, I'd really like to time-travel forward to November 9.

  • I have no illusions that 2020--or the midterms in 2018--are going to be any better than this. Welcome to the new reality, folks.