Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the first private audience PM Boris Johnson has with the Queen.


I was 3 and I remember it clear as day. Might be because my dad worked for a contractor for the space program (as did most of my friends' dads) and he clearly wanted me to see it and remember it. It's my second-oldest memory.



They're still using the same logo as in Soviet times.


Just had a conversation with an elderly neighbor whose English, while fluent, is starting to fail, as is she. I think I better brush up on my French.

Being a child of the Cold War, when looking at a list of apps that accept Google Pay, this one was a bit jarring.


Indeed. The internet was in its infancy in 1997. The pace of everything has accelerated in unexpected and unpredictable ways.



From here, it looks like Beijing is having second thoughts about "One country, two systems." I always figured this point would be reached around 2040 or so. Looks like we're 20 years early.

When people start yearning for the days when the former colonial power was in control, it says something about their current government.


Big spoilers also scream, "Hey Mr. Police Officer, look at me!"

If you want to go really fast, you need a Q-ship--something that looks tame and ordinary, with all the go-fast stuff lurking under the surface.


In fairness, the Dodge Charger of today is a midsize sedan based on an older version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class platform, and would look tremendously silly with an oversized rear wing.

Of course, the old one looked tremendously silly too, but at least it was a proper coupe.


She's out of the office until Monday and I have to run her projects, so unfortunately it was justified.