The optometry industry needs to change. I like my optometrist, but after the exam and prescription, when it's time to pick new frames, all the frames are locked up behind glass, and you have to get an employee to unlock the case, after which they hover over you while you choose. Annoying. It's like the bad old days of car dealers.

This is why I go to the local discount eyeglass store, where I can browse unmolested as long as I want, until I'm ready to be helped.

Yes, I had an eye exam this morning. 😉

Looking forward to being a beta tester again! 😁

My friend, macOS dev Joshua Nozzi [] is facing an employment crisis. If you know of any openings for a remote macOS developer, get in touch. He's got solid credentials.

Yep, noticed that on Instagram earlier.

A shooting last night in Ventura County. Neighbors heard the gunshots, but did not call police because they just thought it was the illegal fireworks that are rampant around the Fourth of July. Sad.

Happy Canada Day to those of you in Canuckistan, and to former and expatriate Canuckistanians worldwide. 🇨🇦 🍁

We're not on the wrong side of the Pacific, you're on the wrong side of the Atlantic.


We all know that the Pacific time zone, home of Apple and Facebook and Google and Microsoft (and Dameon and myself) is the only time zone that matters. :-P


For those of you who know @kdfrawg, he was taken to the ER on Wednesday with congestive heart failure and is now in ICU. His partner, Laura, sent group PMs from his accounts this morning on Plurk and They may perform a heart catheterization tomorrow to resolve a blockage. As an atheist, he wouldn't ask for prayer, but I'm sure good thoughts would be appreciated.

It's almost, but not quite, get-the-hell-out-of-here o'clock.