Ready to break a window just so I can toss someone out of it.

It's been that kind of day.

Blue is my favorite color. :-)

That's a beautiful pen. I like the silver better anyway. :-)

Make everything UTC+x or UTC-x. Problem solved.

I've got about the same amount of hair, it's just turned mostly gray, and I've changed my hairstyle and keep it a lot shorter.

Sure wish I was still around 160 lbs. like I was then, though…

Going the other direction, here's me in 1985 on a Danube River cruise, somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. I'm the geeky kid on the right.

Pardon the crappy image quality; it's a quick scan using the Photo Scan app on my phone.


Seconded. :-)


Well, Her Maj is getting on in years, and a bit of extra air is nice every now and then.

"Don't worry, Mr. Johnson. My husband will drive you back to Downing Street."