Looks like Blurby Bot isn't working again. Looking forward to whatever can stitch together.

Got a text from my wife. They had a fire drill this morning.

Then a real fire started in the dental lab. 😳

Just missed a meeting because first my wireless headset malfunctioned, and then Skype decided to crash. I'm not sure if this is good or bad.




No handstands or talcum powder required.


Current status: keeping all the balls in the air.

🎶 Long ago, in days of yore,
It all began with a God named Thor,
There were Vikings and boats and some plans
For a furniture store,

It's not a bodega, it's not a mall
They sell things for apartments
Smaller than mine
(As if there were apartments smaller than mine),

IKEA, just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen
IKEA, selling furniture for college kids and divorced men,
Everyone has a home,
And if you don't have a home
You can buy one there! 🎶

Thanks. A hot shower, 600mg of ibuprofen, and sitting very carefully in my ergonomic office chair are helping. The joys of getting older. :-/


Woke up this morning to find my back in spasm. Managed to shower, dress, and make it to the office, but standing completely straight was not initially an option. Appears to be slowly improving, but very slowly.