Yikes. Glad they caught it before it ruptured.




Hmmm…I'll think about it and let you know.


I've been thinking I'd like to have a local backup of my data, just out of paranoia. Can that be arranged?

My boss has copied me on 177 emails today. 😳

I've noticed that geotagging seems to be persisting even after I turn it off. My next post will probably be geotagged if I forget to remove it.

I expect the Seiko will see me out. It's the low end of their professional-level models, and the 4R36 movement is renowned for its durability. The nice thing about mechanical watches is that they can be serviced, maintained, and repaired for decades.

Way out of my price range. My most expensive watch is a Seiko SRP775 "Turtle", which lists at $525 (and I only paid about half of that).1


  1. Technically, I don't have it yet; it's going to be a gift from my wife for our anniversary. We tend to buy gifts for the other one to give. Saves time. :-)

Five minutes into this call, and people are still schmoozing about non-work-related stuff. Kill me now.

I've created a secondary Twitter account that only follows local emergency scanner accounts, police, fire, and the like. It's…refreshing.