My two cents: do whatever is best for you in the current circumstances. I'm not bothered by the use of Amazon or whatever; the big guys are pretty much impossible to avoid now in any case, and as someone who regularly uses Amazon and Google services it would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise. Others may feel differently, of course, but that's not a battle I've chosen to have.


I'm not surprised. My mind would be racing.

Oh, and make sure all communication goes through your lawyers from now on.

Glad you're OK. Take some time to process everything. Your soon-to-be ex is quite clearly nuts, and you'll need all your resources to deal with whatever she throws at you next.

I installed DayOne and tried to import the file, but it says it's an "invalid ZIP file." Because of course it is.

Huh. I downloaded mine to my phone (of all things), and uploaded it to Google Drive from there.


I've downloaded my archive. It's JSON format, but is readable in a text editor so I can always reconstruct things later the hard way if I have to (although I probably won't bother). Meanwhile, anything new is going somewhere else since things are very much uncertain here right now.


Personally, I'm waiting for our neighbors across the riverbed to be honored with MacOS Oxnard.

So it's macOS Ventura. As a local, that's kind of cool even though I'm out of the Apple ecosystem.

It makes you realize how active usually is.