Well, we could have told you that. :-)


This is a big, fat, glowing, bright red warning sign. If you're expecting your managers to encourage behavioral changes in the direction of less work, you should have made them yourself six months ago.


For those who knew Amit Bajaj from ADN: this was him. Got the news this morning from . 😞


The answer to your question is that only about 6,000 of the 91,000 German troops captured after surrendering at Stalingrad returned home.


Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion…


Current view.


A brief stop for gas for the car, coffee for the wife, and a burger for me.

Stopping for lunch in Barstow. Eating at chain restaurants reminds me why I don't usually prefer chain restaurants.

The trip begins!

SZP > CMR (with scheduled stops in DAG and IGM)*

Managed to score this sweet cockpit seat that is also exit row. Meal service will be on demand, which is excellent. Cruising speed will be about 65 knots (120 km/h), with VFR conditions expected throughout. Only one cabin attendant, but she's pretty cute and seems interested. ;-)

*FAA codes per nearest airport