@kdfrawg I'm using it in Safari on the iPhone.

@kdfrawg Unread count, I think.

My favorite RSS app/service is NewsBlur. Well worth the subscription price.

// @skematica

This ain't my first rodeo. :-)

Managed to spill coffee down the front of my shirt. Fortunately, I wore a coffee-colored t-shirt today.

It's an automated thing. Anything uncategorized gets blocked. Anyway, we'll be under new ownership in a couple of months, and that will probably be one of the first things to go.

That's new, then. You might like to see this, which I just got because I forgot to turn on my VPN:


Also, once you can upload photos with it and HTTPS is implemented, Cappucino will be a better interface than admin.10centuries.org.

Now that I've been able to access it on my desktop at work, and have been playing with it on my phone for a few days, I'm prepared to say that this is the new App.net. It's still in beta and it needs a native iOS/Android app, but otherwise this is a better experience now.

@skematica Seemed to fit, so… :-)