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As it turned out, it had a photo that I was able to use as an illustration, but as it was written entirely in Yiddish, that's about all I was able to get from it. :-)

I think my record was when I was writing my senior thesis at UC Santa Barbara in 2003. I checked out a book from the UC Library system (it was in cold storage at an off-site facility) that had last been checked out in 1965.

I'm guessing this book I checked out of the Los Angeles Public Library has been in the collection for a while. ?


Today I learned there's a soccer team in Houston called Dynamo. I wonder how many of its fans know that back in the Bad Old Days, teams named Dynamo were traditionally the teams tied to the KGB/Stasi/other local secret police.

Need more :coffee:

Congrats on the newfound success!

Hey, welcome back. :-)

Over here, if the Democrats proposed that, the Republican counter-proposal would have been to do sweet fuck-all about it and lower the income tax rates for ISPs. Consider yourself lucky. :-)

If your current conservative government is giving you a national broadband network, I wonder what Labor would have given you. Assuming they stopped having palace coups, of course.