Morley Safer died, and apparently this was his favorite New Yorker cartoon. I agree completely. anychance.PNG

@kdfrawg Seems I've seen this play before. :-/

Has closed her account?

Good morning, 10Centurions… ☕

@kdfrawg Au contraire. :-)


@kdfrawg I've made Scott the primary owner, but I'm still a garden-variety owner, and will be there from time to time. Hopefully it will thrive and continue to be there as an alternative means of keeping in touch.

@kdfrawg Scott McIntyre (@smc) has volunteered, so I've made him primary owner.

// @skematica

@skematica I'm going to be selective. I've posted a message in the admin channel to see if one of my admins wants it.

// @kdfrawg

@kdfrawg Glad you've found it to be so. However, I've been watching the usage statistics drop over the last few weeks, and we've had a number of people either go inactive or deactivate their accounts, so the trend is pretty clear. Haven't decided yet whether I'll just shut it down or offer to transfer ownership to someone who wants it.

// @skematica

@skematica I started up a Slack team because I wanted to play with Slack. We currently have 53 members and 16 channels. It's not ideal for a social network, but works well enough if everyone plays nice.

// @kdfrawg