@kdfrawg The Slack team is slowing down quite a bit. I may eventually shut it down and refer everyone over here. Only missing pieces are iOS/Android apps.

Looks like 10centuries.org is no longer being blocked by the firewall at work. :-)

Just saw that you're in Amsterdam. It's very possibly my favorite European city. Hope you're enjoying it.

@kdfrawg (Re: My questions for you: How much should I be charging for the ebook and the paperback and should I set up a store on the Pragmaticus site to sell from there? )

You're spot-on with pricing, and yes. :-)

I've whitelisted *.10centuries.org, so that should take care of it, but it's not working.

Looks like either Safari or 1Blocker might be the problem, even though I've whitelisted 10C. I just downloaded Firefox for iOS and it's working in that.

Yep. And I can't see any of the buttons for reply, conversation view, etc.

Well, there's this… image.png

Just thought I'd poke my head in, and things look a little…broken. At least in iOS.


There is no justice…